Ashes Update

Not many of you will be aware of this, but yesterday England won the Ashes. By tying to Australia in the final test at the Oval, London, the team clinched a 2 to 1 series victory. The team celebrated today, Tuesday, by taking a tour in a traditional, double decked, open top, red London bus.

England’s MVP, Andrew Flintstone, smiled and waved at adoring fans along the route (pronounced root in London, England).   

 They then met Prime Minister Blair for a chat and some traditional Roast Beef, Scallions, Zucchini and jus. Finally they went to the “Home of Cricket”, Lords, London, to receive the Ashes, the remains of a famous Soccer player W.G. Grace.

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2 Responses to ASHES COMING HOME

  1. ubuntonista says:

    …Andrew Flintstone..
    Flintstone?? I thought it was Flintoff 😉

  2. matty206 says:

    I’ve checked on google. He’s definitely called Andrew Flintstone!

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