You’ll have all noticed that my theme has changed. Hang on! Breaking news! Chelsea are now 2-1 up at Liverpool. Everyone said it would be 0-0. Do I support Chelsea? No I do not. Interestingly Abramovich has just sold 73% of his oil company for the knock down price of $13 billion which is, at current prices, would give him 35 billion litres of oil in Russia, 19.6 billion in the USA, 9.47383563 billion in Ireland and 4 and a half litres at my nearest petrol pump. All of these figures are for standard unleaded. If you’d like figures for other grades of fuel please reply to this post and I’ll try and oblige. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the figures, or, indeed, the point of supplying them. 

 Anyway. Abramovich was, apparently, meant only to have invested in Chelsea because the authorities in Russia were after him and he needed to de-russianise himself (A phrase I think I may just have made up and is probably rubbish). Does this mean that, now his job is done, he’ll bugger off and we can go back to the old days of football when the players had a bit of cash but weren’t payed stupid sums and we could spell their bloody names?

Back to the theme. My wife is Irish. I have no choice about these things.

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