Square Sausage

I’ve started reading a book that my wife found in Eton Wick Library. (Check out their facilities section. Especially the first line.) It’s written by Christopher Brookmyre. He rocks. He wrote a page about Scottish Cuisine which, in my humble opinion, can be summed up here. There’s nothing wrong with Scottish cuisine as such, before people who actually enjoy deep fried pizzas start flaming me (I feel like a cheap and unwanted whore here. I can’t imagine anyone’s reading this. That’s the problem with blogs.) 

All I’m saying is, “Don’t eat Scottish Square Sausage. It’s disgusting.” I last had some in 1988.

And I’m also starting a competition with no prize, but I’m interested in this. I was on a ferry from Pembroke to Rosslaire and went for the mixed grill (cooked to perfection with your choice of, etc., etc.) It arrived with four (4) (IV) types of potato! Chips, Mash, Boiled and Hash Browns. I have arguments with my wife about this. I’m convinced it’s all about the famine, she just reckons it’s that the Irish know all about potatoes and the English don’t. I’ve won her around with some Roasties.    

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2 Responses to Square Sausage

  1. David says:

    I’m not a blog watcher, but I stumbled onto your photography tutorial while bored in my university library (via Donncha). I laughed embarrassingly long and loud; my embarrassment only compounding my poorly stifled giggles. So there you go – for what it’s worth you have a reader.

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