Competition Results.

Okay. Here’s the result of the competition.

In third place is Bully. He may well have laid claim to eating a meal with three forms of potato, but, a) I doubt if the crisps involved were plated with the jacket potato and chips and b) I know that he is lying.

In second place is Donncha. His post did not actually mention how many potatoes he’s eaten at any one time, therefore he wasn’t lying about it.

the winner is alyssa22. She had two forms of potato in one course. Potato Omelette and Hash Browns. She wins nothing.

I thank the contestants very much indeed for taking part. I’m bitterly disappointed with the response, however. To attract just three entries to such an illustrious competition beggars belief.

Maybe we could start a new competition. You, whoever you are, have a competition on your blog and see how many people enter.

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One Response to Competition Results.

  1. alyssa22 says:

    I’m honored, as I’ve never won anything in my life and … my title remains in tact 😉 Actually I thought of another potato-moment after posting here the other day … I dipped a potato chip into some very creamy mashed potatoes, and realized it’s quite a lovely dip! But any-which-way, thanks for calling me the winner! I’d like to thank whoever bought my breakfast that fateful day so very long ago … the academy … the good folks at WP for bringing us together …

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