Bully’s Car

I got a bit bored yesterday, so I started wondering what it would be like if I had a different job. After a while I plumped for wondering what it would be like to respray cars for a living. Now you’re probably thinking the only way to find out what that would be like would be to actually respray a car. You’re wrong.

Here’s a photo of Bully‘s car. You may notice that there is no number plate. That’s because I had to edit it out because it’s obscene.


Now then. Thanks to the marvellous Microsoft Photo Editing Suite called Paint I started respraying his car virtually. After a while, though, I got bored but, nonetheless, I still think it’s worth seeing what Bully‘s car would look like half way through a respray.


If you’d like to finish this for me, feel free to download it. Maybe you could upload the finished picture to your own blog and then post a comment telling me where I can find it.

Many thanks! 



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2 Responses to Bully’s Car

  1. pugs says:

    Well I passed the Car Park one morning and saw Bullies Car in there. It seem’s that a respray of sort’s has been going on, though I couldn’t see much of it.
    Love the Logo on the hood though.
    So I took a snap of it with my camera phone.
    Thought you might want to have a look, so posted it in my Diary category on my site.

    Pugs…. (pugs.wordpress.com)

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