My Sister

My sister reckons she used to know Rod Stewart. She reckons that he asked her once about her family while she was in the pub with Rod and his girlfriend of the time.

She mentioned me and said “He’s thin and he plays the violin.” She told me a while ago about this and she reckoned that he’d included it in a song. The song is called THAT’S ALL YOU NEED and you can see the lyrics here (the pertinent line is the third one and is, if you don’t want to click the link, “Concerns my brother who’s thin and played violin”)

This, of course, has become the basis of many a frequent and short lived conversation. I had a claim to fame. Something to be proud of.

People were justifiably in awe of me because I had appeared in a Rod Stewart song. I can think only Maggie May could have felt as happy as I’ve been over the last few years.

But my sister lied. The bitch.

I’ve just remembered.

I couldn’t play the violin at all. I was shite. 

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3 Responses to My Sister

  1. I can play the violin. Nothing to it. So can that bloke Nigel Kennedy. So can my daughter and her friend, although my next door neighbour cant, but then he is a twit who forgets to do up his trousers at the weekends.

  2. Roger says:

    All this talk about Rod Stewart has got me thinking about the time I was a lead singer of a glam rock band in the 70’s. We used to have long blonde hair, and we used to wear ladies make up and clothes. We liked to sing and dance on the stage a lot, and bash away on our various instruments to a delighted crowd. Those were the days. Well I for one think your sister is a bitch too, after all, I know what it is to be a bitch the way they treat me here in prison but that’s another story. I dont know how they got hold of those pictures. Anyway, my point is, I like skinny friends, and I’d like to meet you Mr Sadtosser

  3. shelly says:

    my sis is a bitch

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