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Top Gear’s on BBC2 in about 3 seconds. Fantastic.  Top Gear’s the only gear I use!!!! My clutch is f**ked but I don’t care, because “I USE TOP GEAR ALL THE TIME” tm.

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Are you as tired of’s limited themes

that should allow you to express yourself to the world as I am? Simple. Put an animated gif in each of your posts. Here’s mine.

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Christmas Tree.

Flushed with the success that was Bully’s respray I’ve decided to throw this one around the blogosphere. My wife’s just bought a Christmas tree from B & Q. Here’s a photo, admittedly without any make up. Sorry, that came out … Continue reading

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Reply to Bully’s Car Shock

Someone has replied to my post regarding a re-spray of Bully’s car. Here’s the post. Here’s the photo if you don’t want to look at the post. I quite like it, and the motif on the bonnet is spot on. … Continue reading

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France. A nation of unrest.

France is in turmoil. As the British gutter press laughs, the French suffer unrest on the streets. Millions of immigrants/ illegal immigrants/ youths/ men/ Frenchmen/ French youths are setting fire to cars/ schools/ hospitals/ pharmacies/ boulangeries. Luckily for the millions … Continue reading

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Bonfire Night.

Tonight is bonfire night. It’s a traditional British celebration where people light fireworks and make huge bonfires. I’ve been advised to keep my pets indoors, but I don’t have any, not since the Heron died, anyway, and the pet shop’s shut. … Continue reading

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Web 2.0. What it can do for me.

I’ve heard a lot about Web 2.0, which I understand to be a new version of the Web. I hope it’s compatible with the current version because I haven’t finished surfing it yet. Apparently, Web 2.0 will allow you to blog, g-mail, publish … Continue reading

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