Web 2.0. What it can do for me.

I’ve heard a lot about Web 2.0, which I understand to be a new version of the Web. I hope it’s compatible with the current version because I haven’t finished surfing it yet. Apparently, Web 2.0 will allow you to blog, g-mail, publish photos, surf, dive, chat and eventually drown all at the same time. As well as this, the open source philosophy will allow innovaters to create world class solutions based on existing software that they’ve had a look at and changed a bit by adding other existing software to it plus their own bits, of course. (Personally I hate open source. I’d never be daft enough to let anyone at work look at my code.)

 Anyway, I’ve decided to innovate and my idea which will result in instant wealth is called Ficker French. The idea is simple yet innovative. People like to take photographs of things and see them hosted somewhere. More people would like to learn French but can’t because classes cost too much. So, here’s the solution. I’ll let people send me pictures they’ve taken where there is some French and the English translation and I’ll sort them alphabetically. Here’s the clever bit. You’ll be allowed to see your own pictures but, if you want to learn French, you’ll need to see all the pictures. What I’ll do is charge $3.99 a month for exclusive gold community membership. I’ll be minted. I might even make the code open source and allow somebody else to package it all up and sell it. Here are some examples.




Some folk seem a bit cynical about this web 2.0 thing. I think they’re wrong. I see myself as part of the movement from e-surfing to g-community villaging. Or even g-cottaging, where we all have a g-spot connected via some g-string to everybody elses g-spots. And they have the cheek to call us metrosexuals!

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10 Responses to Web 2.0. What it can do for me.

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  2. Kevin says:

    Is web 2.0 in bata I still working on fixing 1.0.

  3. madgravity says:

    Another waste of ones and zeros, And my time reading this!

  4. matty says:

    Just out of interest, Mr Gravity, do you like catfish?

  5. Cool idea… just what the web was invented for… well, that, spam and hardcore pornography…!

  6. phatfunky says:

    good idea. but everyone probably thought/thinks you were taking the pee. i do. sad thing is though there really are people out there would would pay for that. and someone *will* get rich from it. people do anything to get there 10 bytes of cyber fame. the stupid ones will even pay. i call it cyber-masterbation and that’s what this so called “web 2.0” thing is all about. the biggest cyber-masterbater of them all being the bloke who thought up the term. he must be rolling in smugness now. god, the sooner that pathetic term is put to sleep, the better. what about “life 2.0”? well yeah sorry stupid question. many people are obviously struggling with “life 1.0b pre”

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  8. Dave Calvert says:

    I dunno. Load of old nonsense is you ask me. Same as that stuff on the telly about razors with all those blades that the football bloke likes. Wont be long before we get web 3 or web 4. Like Lethal Weapon that went up to 4 didnt it and it was a load of old rubbish in the end. Police Academy that went up to 11 I think and it was only 1 and 2 the ones with Steve Guttenburg in them that were any good. I think its about time we had a change of government to stop all this old caper. PFD

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