Bonfire Night.

Tonight is bonfire night. It’s a traditional British celebration where people light fireworks and make huge bonfires. I’ve been advised to keep my pets indoors, but I don’t have any, not since the Heron died, anyway, and the pet shop’s shut. What am I going to do? It’s almost the same dilemma as the time I saw a WET FLOOR sign in the toilet at the Fox and Goose. Or the classic time I got arrested at Baker Street station when I saw the CHILDREN MUST BE CARRIED ON ESCALATORS sign.

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2 Responses to Bonfire Night.

  1. pugs says:

    Hmmm… I know what you mean. My Rosella fell off it’s perch last night, what with all the “banging” and “whizzing” going on; this is usually a quiet neighbourhood, can’t understand what’s happened! I’ve been out in my garden this morning collecting the remanant’s of the rockets.
    My Rosella hasn’t muttered a word all morning, not a cherp from him.

  2. David House says:

    Lol, the classic tube situation: ‘dogs must be carried’. I don’t have a dog! 🙂

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