France. A nation of unrest.

France is in turmoil. As the British gutter press laughs, the French suffer unrest on the streets. Millions of immigrants/ illegal immigrants/ youths/ men/ Frenchmen/ French youths are setting fire to cars/ schools/ hospitals/ pharmacies/ boulangeries. Luckily for the millions of immigrants/ illegal immigrants/ youths/ men/ Frenchmen/ French youths, they haven’t set fire to any British sheep yet. Otherwise the press over here would get really upset.

Here’s a map showing the flashpoints. I’ll keep this updated on an hourly basis.


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3 Responses to France. A nation of unrest.

  1. agentorange says:

    Jesus, I had no idea it was that bad. That’s bloody mental!

  2. sanfrancisco says:

    The good news is, they said that it was still “ok” to go to places like the Eiffel Tower, just not safe to go into the “bad neighborhoods.”

  3. Dave Calvert says:

    They should be careful about that Eiffel Tower. They set fire to that it’ll take off like a rocket and that’s a dead cert. When that bloke Christopher Wren designed it, he was way ahead of his time. I think it’ll take off and go round and round in circles like a party balloon, and in fact will be making pretty much the same noise. All those people up in the retaurant better watch out they don’t get a lap full of onion soup and croutons. All I can say is, they have been warned by PFD! Later!

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