Christmas Tree.

Flushed with the success that was Bully’s respray I’ve decided to throw this one around the blogosphere. My wife’s just bought a Christmas tree from B & Q. Here’s a photo, admittedly without any make up. Sorry, that came out wrong. Here’s a photo, admittedly without some of the optional branches attached.


Can someone do something about this?

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4 Responses to Christmas Tree.

  1. pugs says:

    OK… OK… I get your drift.
    I did such a good job on Bully’s car, you thought perhap’s that I would try and patch up your tree for you..
    Well good news and bad!
    The bad news…. no success at all with it.
    The good news…. I’ve left your tree for collection. (same place)
    Merry Christmas.

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  3. P F Dave Calvert says:

    Worst case of dandruff on a Christmas Tree I ever saw haaaa haaaa haaaa haaa haaaa haaaa.

  4. bambam says:

    Dude, Ihad to hold my breath to enable me to type….. your tree has dandruff….real bad!! Thats got to be at least a minutes worth of lol, you’re a braver man than me, hence the ‘none’ in the website field! I take my hat off to Matt. I will never again buy anything from b& q. Have a wonderful Christmas y’all.


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