Top Gear’s on BBC2 in about 3 seconds. Fantastic.

 Top Gear’s the only gear I use!!!! My clutch is f**ked but I don’t care, because “I USE TOP GEAR ALL THE TIME” tm.

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3 Responses to TOP GEAR!

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  2. PFD says:

    You wont beat me on gears now way. My new 4 x 4 Hillman Minx uses Range Rover running gear but with a difference. I put in two centre mid splitter boxes linked to hi and low range planetary trans axles with override facility. So I’m putting out now in the region of 475 bhp through 46 gears through all 4 wheels. Go on hit me in the stomach.

  3. PFD says:

    Not only that. I’ve nearly finished my stretch Hillman Avenger. That only needs one gear which is PARK cos I rekon that is all I’ll ever need when the birds see it and want some of Dave’s big lov’in action in the back.

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