The vigil starts.

No. It’s not for the whale. It’s because I need to follow orders at all times. There is a sign, by a roundabout in Windsor, which is a little ambiguous. Do they mean that you should look for cyclists that are on the roundabout or that you should be on the roundabout looking for cyclists? Plus, suppose I saw Chris Hoy or Eddie Merkx walking past without a bike? Would they count as cyclists?

Anyway, I set up base this afternoon, as you can see from the digital photograph taken by my wife. There wasn’t anybody else on the roundabout, which surprised me, but I’m sticking to this task. So far I’ve seen four cyclists while I’ve been on the roundabout, and none on the roundabout itself. I’ve also seen about three people who look like they might be cyclists, i.e. middle aged men wearing stupidly tight fitting clothes. More later.


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2 Responses to The vigil starts.

  1. Donncha says:

    If you see Steven Roche or Sean Kelly, be sure to get their autographs eh?
    God, you must be very excited. This must be a mecca for cyclists or something!

  2. is velly funny sign yes. is rucky sign not rib dem funny boy rook for badgers on roundabout on crapham common is no?

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