More Photography

I’m going to Cork this weekend to help celebrate my father in-law’s 80th birthday. Last time I went to Cork I tried to help celebrate my parents’ in-law 50th wedding anniversary. I was a wet blanket. Such a wet blanket I could have put a fire out. Easily.

I’m taking my camera, so I might take some photographs while I’m there and publish them on my blog. I’d like to capture the essence of Cork while I’m there, like Donncha does, but I haven’t got a black and white option on my camera and I know for a fact that Adobe Elements doesn’t allow conversion from colour to black and white. Maybe I’ll hang around the airport for the weekend and get some photos there!


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One Response to More Photography

  1. Donncha says:

    Unfortunately we’ll be up in Bray this weekend, but enjoy your weekend in the real Capital of Ireland 🙂
    Get your hands on gimpshop – it’s the GIMP (software I use) with a photoshop interface. It’s got a b/w option and *lots* more!

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