Inspiration. A weekend in Cork. A flavour of Cork.

I’m dedicating this post to the weekend I’ve just had in Cork. That’s because I took these photos in Cork. I’ve always felt that the best photos just happen. Not for me deciding some time in advance to go somewhere and take a photo and then change it afterwards.

I’ve named each of these photos and added a little explanation behind the inspiration that drove me to take the picture.


Plane crazy.

It was a busy time at Cork Airport yesterday morning. I was looking around the place and had no idea of what to point my camera at, but then it came to me. This is what I mean about inspiration. The inspiration to photograph planes can occur in the strangest of places.


Mystery Shoppers 

Shop. No. Shop. No.

My wife and I and others had to get back from the hotel to her parents’ house for Sunday lunch. We went via Dunnes to buy a potato peeler. I saw this couple and I really began to think deeply about a) what they were buying and b) how it affected my life choices. I followed them for a little while watching them put a few things into their trolley.


Gift Vouchers Available

 Go right young man.

After Dunnes everyone else walked past this sign. They were hungry for food. I was hungry for world peace. I was thinking to myself that one moment I have a choice of all sorts of things (including some very reasonably priced dinner services) and then suddenly I had to turn right. My inspiration behind this, really, was philosophical. What if we disobey such signs? Where do we go without signs? I know for sure if I had ignored the sign then I’d have saved a fair few Euro and have got some lunch. Think about the plus and minus points of following signs and then take photographs of them. That would be my advice to any aspiring photographer.


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