Boycott Denmark

if you’re a little over sensitive and take everything to heart. Everyone seems to have an opinion about this, but the thing that bothers me is this line from the BBC site. “Any images of the Prophet are banned under Islamic tradition.” Perhaps I’m being a little naive, but how do they know the cartoons were about Mohammed then?

Anyway, here’s a picture of a green thing. No post processing, just a resizing. I want you all to guess what it is. (Especially Donncha!) 


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3 Responses to Boycott Denmark

  1. Donncha says:

    Here’s a guess, it’s only a wild shot-in-the-dark, but is it a long exposure shot of a flourescent car going around that roundabout you’re camping at?
    The black specks in front are the bushes you’re hiding behind. Obviously.

  2. Bully says:

    Its a Vision On thing, where you have to scratch away at the last layer of black paint to reveal all the colours underneath. In other words, a load of old rubbish which either a 3 year old made, or you did the other night.

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