Great Spoofs

I’m going to start an ocassional series of spoof photographs that I’ve mashed together with Photoshop. Some of them went down well, others were too obvious. This one nearly got me into a lot of trouble! The management at Wemberly Stadium saw this on the web and actually believed their stadium had been nicked and transported to Dorney Common! Eeejits! (A phrase my wife has taught me). That’s why they told the press the stadium wouldn’t be ready for the FA Cup Final! It was only when they went back to Wemberly that they realised it was all a hoax. Started by me and my photoshopped photographs!

I’m also adding this sentence here, because it’s a link.


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One Response to Great Spoofs

  1. Donncha says:

    So that’s it! Those reports of cost over-runs were all made up! *shock*

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