World Cup Fever.

From now for a couple of months, this blog is being handed over to the FIFA “World Cup 2006”. This will be the world cup blog. The plan is to keep a daily update of the latest world cup news prior to the start of the event and then to move over to our community update mode, where, during live matches, updates will be made to the scores of the matches being played. This is for anyone who’s only access to live World Cup Football in any form is via Post match reports will be blogged plus any photos I can find. If all of this takes off, I might expand into latest travel information. Plus regular weather reports. And possibly a blog-in, where I’ll have a guest blogger ready to answer your posts.

To get things rolling, then, as any English fan knows, the most important topic in English football at the moment is Wayne Rooney’s feet. Here he is in action yesterday. “He’s still adjusting to the surgery.” according to Manchester United’s press-secretary.

Tomorrow, in another blatant rip off, I might have his leg replaced by a picture of Patrick Duffy. 


I couldn’t wait. I don’t normally like doing photoshop stuff but for some reason I really enjoyed touching this one up!

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