World Cup Poetry

This blog will supply the "Official poetry to the FIFA World Cup 2006". To this end, I'm giving you all a chance to write the "Official poem to the England versus Paraguay match up of the FIFA World Cup 2006". Just post a poem by way of the comments button and I'll judge all the entries and then the best one wins. Simple as that. To help I'm including two poems which I'm about to compose.

Poem # 1.

Glory Beckhams.

Foot on leather. Not willow.

Ball in net. Not hands of slip.

Referee whistles. Crowds cheer.

As net widens, so glory Beckhams.

poem #2 

Come on Engerland.

We want you to win.

With pads on shin.

Find the holes.

Score us some goals.

From holding midfielder

a quick pass could yield a

chance for attacker

to hit a cracker.

England three Paraguay nil.

We can win this cup, still.

That's the sort of quality I'm looking for. If you're up for it, give it a go! 

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