Barnes Common Chavs

The fellow in the bottom right of this photo does not look happy.

And it's hardly surprising, is it?

Hoping to spend time relaxing in his Barnes Common cottage with friends, the poor man discovered to his horror that he'd moved next door to the neighbours from hell.

You'd half expect this sort of thing in a run down estate Up North or, maybe, abroad, but never in Barnes.

We all want England to do well in the World Cup and to beat the smelly foreign diving cheats that we'll probably lose to, but this is taking patriotism too far.

The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames has, I understand, issued an ASBO to the property's owners, and the hat has to go.

Do you think the ASBO is warranted? Please use the 2 comments link to have your say.

My opinion is that this is not what the English flag is for. It's for sticking on vans and for politically motivated young skinheads to wave around.

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4 Responses to Barnes Common Chavs

  1. Donncha says:

    No comments link? 😉

    Bloody hell, some people take this ASBO thing too far!

  2. Shipan says:

    Aw, but they’re cute! XDD

  3. matty says:

    Shipan. I don’t know who you are but thanks for the comment!

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