C# 2.0 Course Shock

I’ve been sent on a C# 2.0 in Laaaandon. I’ll try and pronounce C#2.0.

Hmmm. C, that’s either k or Sea. I’ll go with Sea.

#, mmmm, hash I reckon.

2.0, easy. That’ll be Beta.

I love Laaarndon.

Anyway, I’ve done a bit of C++ and I was really impressed with the new C# 2.0. Here’s some code using C++.

and here’s some doing much the same thing in C# 2.0. (It’s not really 2.0 as I’ve only got .Net 2003 on my machine at home, but it’s not that different)


What you’ll notice here is that C# 2.0 has doesn’t use the annoying printf function when printing lines to the console. It uses the Console.WriteLine method. This does away with having to remember what sort of variables you are using when displaying a line of interesting information to the console. In C# 2.0 you simply concatenate them using the + character.

What makes it great, as C just got better, is the fact it’s such an encouraging language. It automatically puts class near the top, which I think is a nice touch. This must be down to my language settings, as I’d imagine the default must be something like Woooagh, That Rocks Dude.

I’ll update you with day 2’s findings when I get back tomorrow.

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One Response to C# 2.0 Course Shock

  1. C+++++++++ Guru says:

    I wos forced to go on a similiar curse two years ago blimey, and I learnt ooh, so, verry verry much. Dont’ knock it, stick with it, pliss. Come on!” When I am happily coding away in C+++++++ all day long 24/7 etc. and get a bit stuck, I am forced to go searching, on internet, for things like “{*+” and “{*-*}”, or even “{,,,,,}” and “” to get right syntax just because I have a bad memory and my brain doesn’t like to work too hard and I am so very busy this week.
    So that’s why I spend all day, every day, on the internet, trying to understand those web pages that consist of lots of strange characters.

    COME ON INDIA!!*&*”(£%&)*_^+@~{+

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