I went off to work this morning and realised I’d completely forgotten about the fully laden A380 that had landed in the front room. I popped back at lunchtime and quickly built a new terminal in the bathroom for the passengers and I’m pleased to say that by the time I got back this evening they were fully disembarked and out of the flat. Now all I’ve got to is find a way of getting rid of the plane. I might stick it on E-Bay.

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3 Responses to Whoops!

  1. pugs says:

    hmmm… I think you should dismantle the terminal first, could be a nasty accident, if left there in the bathroom!
    Mind you! you could always ask John Prestcott if he would like to buy it and turn it into a gambling casino.

  2. matty says:

    I’m not having him in the flat.

  3. Nobby says:

    Hey Matty no new stuff since 26/7/06. What gives???

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