Bloody wrong numbers.

These annoy me more than JavaScript errors, depending on the conversation, I suppose. I had one today where the person on the other end of the line eventually admitted that they “might have dialled the wrong number.”

That’s not much of an apology in my book. Everyone seems to have a beef with the big telecom companies, but to be fair to them, the chances are that if you don’t dial my work number my phone won’t ring (at least to your call). The person, I think, definitely dialled the wrong number. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given time to point this out to her because she put the phone down before she had the chance to make it sound like it wasn’t my fault.

Update. This person didn’t ring back repeatedly, so I think I’m correct in saying that she knew the number she wanted to dial but pressed the wrong keys. In other words, she rang the right number but incorrectly. Had she repeatedly rang I’d have had to have said, in her defence, that she’d have been ringing the wrong number correctly. So, when she said she might have dialled the wrong number she was correct. Oh God. My head’s about to fall off. HELP! 

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