Literally Miles from DISASTER

You’ll all have heard of the tornado that swept through Kensal Rise yesterday. My heart goes out to the families affected.

You can see from the map below that I was literally 3 miles from disaster. I was at work at the time and, certainly, the sky darkened and it rained and hailed a lot. Luckily for me, the tornado didn’t twist in our direction. The walk across the car park to the canteen to get my sandwich and a coke and the walk back to my desk would have made my lunch even more disappointing than usual. Although a sandwich and a coke for lunch isn’t usual. The sandwich was Ciabatta with turkey, cranberry and salad. I noticed some cranberry but I really can’t be sure there was any turkey in it unless that was the green stuff and there was no salad instead. Still, nothing nicer than a freshly made sandwich, whatever freshly made means.

Anyway, the map.


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