Hats Off to the BAA

Yes. Hats off to the British Airports Authority. While the fog lurked around Heathrow and the airport was besieged by disgruntled non-travellers and idiots mixing Pimms in the newly opened marquees, one of the bigger complaints aimed at their quarters was the fact that their web-site crashed sometime on Wednesday due to excessive demand for information. They’ve now gone to a totally non-flash, non-graphic, text only, with a limited amount of JavaScript, site, which dishes out the information people want to see without any bloody adverts for themselves or links to Bullfighting.

Should Taplow be besieged by fog, I’ll take the same action and ensure that matty.wordpress.com, and it’s mutant sites, go to text only as well. It’s the least I can do.

Here’s a great new postcard.


|                                                                                        |

|                                                                                        |

|                                                                                        |

|                 TAPLOW IN THE SNOW                          |     

|                                                                                        |



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3 Responses to Hats Off to the BAA

  1. I am quite confident that the WordPress.com servers can take the expected load should that happen. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it doesn’t snow in Taplow, just in case though.

  2. matty says:

    It may be sunny, though. Any disaster recovery plan would have to deal with that scenario, however unlikely!

  3. Mary says:

    Matt you can do some more postcards tomorrow, that’s what I call working from home…

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