Wildlife in Cork

I’ve given up with the Random Blog feature. They all seemed to be wordpress blogs which doesn’t seem very random to me.

So… I went to Cork with my wife and encountered one of the most fearsome beasts seen there since St. Patrick ate all the snakes, or something.

Fearsome animal

I only just managed to grab this shot before the mad shark/dog pounced. Only the dawning realisation in its mind that there was a better meal standing on the bird table outside saved my life.  

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2 Responses to Wildlife in Cork

  1. You had a lucky escape. We were at the beach today and the same wild dog followed us there! He even came on to the beach sniffing here, there and everywhere and ran up to us. Luckily for us, another dog, a huge fierce dog, came along and distracted him. By the time he had killed and devoured the fierce dog we had made good our escape.

    Unfortunately I can hear claws scraping against tiles downstairs now, I’m scared to go down there!

  2. matty says:

    That’s bad. I blame the owners!

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