The State of English Cricket.

English cricket is in a state. Not just the cricketers, but also every pundit who claimed that “To win a game you have to bowl the other side out twice.” Wrong, as Australia proved in the second test. Cricket pundetry is up the spout. Here are a couple of piccies….

A joyful England cricket team manage to win the Ashes.

England’s rugby team bring back the world cup. To England. Gooord bless ya’

There’s something obvious going on. Win something, put the team in an open topped bus sponsored by a mobile phone provider and twats like me will, within a couple of years, blog about the state of English [sport of bus tour].

Here’s another picture.

Old Wheel.


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One Response to The State of English Cricket.

  1. Nobby says:

    That’s a rather fancy coloured plastic bag in the middle of the tire. Fascinating stuff.

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