Big Brother Celebrity Section.

Edwina Curry calls them “SLAGS”. Satan calls them “The Devil”. Well, fed up of moaning about them I decided it would be an idea to help the three young ladies see the error of their ways, so I invited them round to the house this afternoon to listen to some beautiful music.


I made them dinner as well. There was immense excitement when I first told them what they were having but their disappointment when they saw the food was obvious. As Jade put it so eloquently, “I’m not eating this f*****g foreign crap” when I served up the Coq Au Vin. So I went and bought a nice curry for them instead.

Now, here’s a chance to vote in another competition with no prize.

Is Jade….

a) Horrible?

b) A horrible racist?

I’ll add up all the votes, (remember, it’s free!) and donate all the money to charity.

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One Response to Big Brother Celebrity Section.

  1. Nobby says:

    Even made the news over here matey. Must be important!!

    Glad you didn’t get blown away in the mighty storm.


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