I remember when I was in my mid 50’s wandering around Chiswick with a good friend of mine and popping back, on a Sunday, to his place for a “Bit of Bully”. Now, thanks to the wonders of Sky, I can relive those great moments when I’d wonder where my life was going but realise, as the contestants appeared, that I’d never achieve less than them, which always cheered me up, much like Eastenders.

But I was wrong. This man became the prime minister.



And here they are together. Man and Wife. 


If anyone’s interested, I’ll let you know how they got on.


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3 Responses to Bully

  1. Nobby says:

    “Wandering around Chiswick”. More like a fast walk back from the Tab so as not to miss Bully’s Mooooooo.

    Is that really John Major??

  2. matty says:

    The jury’s out. I think it is. That’s definitely Norma Major.

  3. Nobby says:

    I think it is as well but that pornstar false tache has got us doubting ourselves.

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