Trolley Pushers

I went to the supermarket today. I found a parking space with a trolley in it. Great. I parked a further 12 spaces away from the entrance and tried to walk in, but there was a trolley pusher in the way. Eventually I got in and picked up a basket. First stop, mushrooms. But there were two trolleys in the way and one of them was womanned by one of those awful “I scan it myself, because it saves me time and it’s green” brigade who, while they’re busy working out where the barocde is, are in my way and wasting my time. Next stop, bacon. No chance. There were three trolley pushers in the way causing a big traffic jam close to the chicken section. Again, one was scanning herself, so to speak and, by the look of her, the only human being alive who’d be prepared to. I won’t bore you with the rest of the ingredients for tonight’s dinner but, at last, after a round trip of about 100 yards and a wait of something like 15 minutes (3 minutes spent shopping and 12 minutes waiting for the trolley pushers) I went to the basket only line with my 8 items only to see a, you’ve guessed it, trolley pusher with about twenty items in the queue. I can’t be bothered to argue with them anymore. I just resigned myself to having to wait, but what these trolley pushers just don’t understand is that they’re almost all of them complete twats.

Especially the ones, like the pusher below, who are too lazy even to stand up straight and push the damn thing with their hands rather than their bloody elbows.

Bloody Trolley Pushers

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3 Responses to Trolley Pushers

  1. Nobby says:

    Sorry you had a bad time at the hypermarket Matty me old lad but I really need to know what was for dinner. I need closure!!!

    Mushrooms, bacon, chicken …………

  2. matty says:

    Prawns (Canadian), bacon, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, ginger, garlic and tomato puree and herbs with a bit of dry sherry and chicken stock served with fresh (not made by me, mind) tagliatelle. It was worth the aggro. Close that, my son!

  3. Nobby says:

    Sounds lovely.

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