I missed it. I popped into the kitchen to slice up some pasta. If anyone saw the “little bit of nudity” could they let me know:

a) Who it was.

b) How much you saw.

c) For how long.


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2 Responses to Bugger!

  1. Jacinta saw it. Grason’s wife was annoyed at him for flirting with the male help or something and apparently after dinner came downstairs wearing her night dress. Camera changes position to behind her and she drops the night dress.
    Gay man and hetrosexual woman make mad passionate love.
    Apparently, but you know Jacinta, she has a dirty mind. I mean, it’s Emmerdale!

  2. matty says:

    My pulse is racing! I thought it might have been Zak Dingle, which would have been a bad thing.

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