Liz Hurley Wedding.

Lunar eclipse. Final shot. I needed an 8 second exposure to get the pink bits of the moon and I can’t hold anything still for that long. I can’t quite see Britney Spears snatch in the moon but I reckon you can see her butt.


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4 Responses to Liz Hurley Wedding.

  1. Nobby says:

    Nice shots Matty me old lad.

  2. Yes, very nice shots! It turned foggy last night so I couldn’t take many shots but it was great to see the shadow fall over the moon.
    It’s awful outside now – strong winds, rain, cloudy.. just another normal Irish day I suppose!

  3. matty says:

    Thanks, lads. We were lucky in Blighty. The weather’s back to rubbish again as usual. I’m sorry you couldn’t get many shots, Donncha, and I wish I’d thought about it and bought myself a bloody tripod!

  4. Nobby says:

    Yiddo Yiddo Yiddo.

    Classic match.

    Thanks to the ref. for the extra two minutes!!!

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