A Lesson Learned

“Ooooh….. You have to make sure it’s compatible with all sorts of browsers..” the wimps at work say when I produce yet another stunning web application, well, page. My response is always the same. “F**k ’em. If they have to use Firefox they deserve what they get.” 

I recently got BB and the Sky disc upgraded to IE7 for me. Suddenly the pages were a little more CSS compliant. Instead of screwing up the layout, most of my pictures were being cut off instead. This looked serious, so I downloaded Firefox and realised with horror that it, too, was doing the same thing, and knowing what sort of people most wordpress users are, they probably all, apart from me and someone I know at work, use Firefox. 

All of this probably explains my rubbish blog stats so I’ve resized almost all of the images so that they can be seen in their entirety.

If you’ve been here before, then, feel free to have a look at the previous entries. All of them.

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5 Responses to A Lesson Learned

  1. I got an awful fright when I looked at ocaoimh.ie in IE. Where was the sidebar? Luckily some theme editing fixed it all. 🙂

  2. Nobby says:

    Love Firefox. Using it right now.

    IE7 sucks so badly I uninstalled it and went back to IE6.

  3. crapstats says:

    For a fascinating insight into the relationship between open source software and political affiliation goto http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/03/10/1953258
    If on the other hand you just want some data on global warming, check out my blog

  4. lovebug says:

    I just love the name Firefox! It’s kinda sexy and i like sexy men like me!

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