A Quick Break from Paris Hilton’s Grand Canyon.

Today, I’m launching Treezr, where you’ll be able to post a link to a photo of a tree in the comments section which I’ll post in a, well, post and then the only man I know who knows about trees will attempt to identify the species.

First, though, here’s a photo not of a tree.


To get the ball rolling, here are some trees.


This is a young community. So far there are no guidelines as to what is a reasonable request and what would be quaintly considered ‘aving a laugh. So, to start with, I would like all species of trees in this photograph to be identified by the tree expert, or Mr. Tree, as he will become known.

Having checked with the Social Networking Community Guideline Officer, it appears that I’ve been going one stage further than ‘aving a laugh and have, indeed, been taking a liberty. Therefore, I’ve included a close up of one of the trees plus some links to bigger pictures.


To see a bigger version of lots of trees click here.

To see a bigger version of a close up of one tree click here.

If anybody sends me a link to a picture of a tree in the comments section, or e-mails me a picture before about 7:30 PM GMT then I’ll add it to this post.  


At least one part of this Community Network Social Site Solution appears to be working. Here are the first photos from a new community member!

These are fine photos indeed, of a fine tree. I particularly like the photograph of the tree where the camera is looking upwards, for some reason. In fact, that could be the start of a whole new project. However, for now, let’s hope Mr. Tree gets to work! 

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5 Responses to A Quick Break from Paris Hilton’s Grand Canyon.

  1. Mr Tree says:

    The one with the spikes is like totally an acacia. Are but what sort of acacia you ask. Well I quote from http://www.anbg.gov.au/…/acacia-conserved-2004.html Acacia is a genus of about 1350 species, distributed from Africa around the Indian Ocean to tropical Asia and Australia and in the tropical Americas. Recent taxonomic research in Australia and abroad has increasingly pointed to the fact that this genus as we currently know it cannot be maintained as a single entity. It is likely that in the near future Acacia will be divided into at least five genera.

    But until then – its an acacia

  2. Shit – what a lot of trees you’ve got mate! You’re lucky you can still see the trains going past.

  3. You’re telling me he’s lucky to see the trains go past! With the chronic lack of investment from this so called Labour government it’s a miracle that anything goes past at all! It’s political correctness gone mad!!!!??!!!! And what about the Olympics Logo. What a waste of money. I could have done better with my eyes tied behind my back and my arms blindfolded. It’s political correctness gone mad!!!!?!!!!

  4. Tree Semi-Enthusiast says:

    Wow! so like, My tree is literally sitting on the fence then? I can’t wait until the time that someone decides what it might be in the future.

  5. Mr Tree says:

    My sister in law (Mrs Tree by Marriage) says:

    .The large tree to the left above looks like a Sycamore or maybe a Maple . The tree in the lower R.H.corner is Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree;native of Ireland).The white flowering shrub to the left looks like Philadelphus. The peach leaved tree central to the picture Idon’t recognise,possibly a prunus or maybe aEucalyptus.

    Youre later close up confirms the left is a sycamore. Note the technical use of the term ‘peach leaved’ – that’s the difference between people who really know about trees and people who just boast in the pub of their arbiretosophical prowess.

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