Treezr Community success continues.

Having at least one tree successfully and, I might say, rapidly, innovatively and social networkingly, identified, I’m posting pictures of some treez and partz of treez that might be identifiable.

This time the captions will appear below the photographs as opposed to above or at either side. Or any combination of the  previous stuff.


This could be a shrub.


This I think is a tree and it’s code, in case of a response, is Tree1, the previous possible shrub’s code is PS1


This tree is not owned by me but it has some spinning things. I can’t remember what they’re called. It could be a Catherine Wheel or a Spinning Jenny or a Mighty Oak or something like that. It’s code is NR1. 


Here’s some blossom. This is Tree2.


 This is a pretty picture of Tree2’s blossom.


And finally some strange stuff on Tree1. A lot of these berry type things have been eaten by some birds which I can’t identify.

So, Shrub1, Tree1 and Tree2. Treezrus!

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2 Responses to Treezr Community success continues.

  1. Donncha says:

    That’s a helicopter tree. Plant those little wings in the ground and 5 years later you dig up a helicopter. Much better than relying on that Da Vinci guy and his drawings..

  2. matty says:

    Yeah. Da Vinci was overrated. So, two trees identified, just one more tree and a shrub to go! I may take this out of Vista mode and into Beta.

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