More Plants for Treezr.

It’s well known within the web 2.0 community, of which I’m a very passionate member, that “Kontent is King”, a phrase first used by someone who couldn’t spell or wanted to appear cool. If I’d have put Kontent is King into Google and found nothing, I’d have been the first to use the phrase, in which case it would have first been used by someone cool who could spell but new how to either use or omit a k for comedic purposes.

Anyway. Content. Here’s a new plant. Not strictly a tree, as such, but it requires identification. If Mr. Tree isn’t up to it, then maybe this man can help.

A new plant

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One Response to More Plants for Treezr.

  1. Mary says:

    Matt I checked with Mel (in work) and she said its a Crocosmia and it used to be known as Montbretia. She said its very hardy and doesn’t need much attention which should suit us fine!

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