Ankle Watch 2007.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for any poor bugger dealing with a flooded house, business etc, so I won’t take the piss.

However, thinking of their pain doesn’t help my ankle, which was injured in a collision with a Galway pothole at the weekend. The pothole was subtly placed in the road next to the kerb at a junction. “Well, if you looked where you were going” etc. etc. but, as my brother in law pointed out, you don’t normally look at the ground when you’re looking out for traffic. I could have hilariously added “Unless you’re doing the traffic news from a helicopter. Or a plane.” but I haven’t got a brain.

Anyway, in a bold new venture, I’m going to start an occasional series where I post a picture of a rather knackered piece of my body, along with an amusing caption.


That bruise looks a bit like a map of the ring of Kerry.

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5 Responses to Ankle Watch 2007.

  1. Nobby says:

    I dare not say what I’m thinking about some particular body parts but you’ve known me long enough so I’m sure you can guess anyway.

  2. OCJo says:

    Do you not think your name might give away what body part you are thinking about? ;o)

  3. Nobby says:

    We have a winner!!

  4. phil1 says:

    Isnt it time for another picture of a knackered old bit of your body to be posted?

  5. Nobby says:

    Bull there are so many knackered bits that Matty’s having a really hard time picking which bit to show next. That’s what he told me on the quiet anyway 🙂

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