We’re Moving!!!!

Despite my sore ankle, and the upset caused by both the extraordinary lack of sympathy and, to be frank, quite disturbing comments posted about it on my blog, I still managed to find time today to sell the house. I’m not sure where we’re going to move to, yet, and I haven’t told my wife what’s going on, but you just can’t turn down opportunities like this!

 A great offer

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3 Responses to We’re Moving!!!!

  1. Charlie Boorman says:

    Nice one. Bit late, but can we come over. We’ll could be ther in a jiffy. We only live 10 miles away so could be there in say 10 on my GS1200 BM? We bring a bottle of our homemade New Zealand Shiraz over. Cheers!!

  2. Charlie Boorman says:

    btw sorry about the god awful spelling but hey, you’d be as bad as that if you’d drunk as much TRIBUTE as me!

  3. Mrs C Boorman says:

    Charlie is v drunk, we’re going to look at fashion now!! I NEED couture

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