First things first. As promised, this is the first image Google finds for the subject of this blog.

Brunel’s Greatest Achievement.

Anyway. In a bid to make this blog better than facebook I’m going to tell you what I’ve done today. In map form.

I was awoken by my wife at about 9ish this morning to remind me to take her car for an MOT while she and her sister, who she stayed with last night, went to Brighton for the day. Having driven her car to the MOT station for the 9:30 appointment I then had the prospect of doing something for an hour. In Slough. Unfortunately, while walking home would have been possible, there wouldn’t have been to time to fill a kettle, let alone make a nice cup of tea, let alone drink a nice cup of tea, before I’d have had to walk back, so I resolved to walk to the shoe shop to buy some, eeerm, well, shoes.  Here’s a map of the walk with some key moments numbered. Or key numbered moments.

The Long Walk. In Slough.

Now. Key moment 1 is the arrival at the MOT station complete with a free newspaper, a complimentary glass of champagne and your choice of fruit from the Fruit Cart®. The green line shows the walk to the shoe shop which is key moment 2. I didn’t buy any shoes because they don’t cater for my age group. Is there anything for the elderly these days apart from Werthers Originals and flu jabs?

The walk back is highlighted in yellow. Key moment 3 came with the purchase of a twenty pound Vodaphone pay as you go top up voucher which raised my balance to £20.01. You will notice two orange asterisks near the railway line. This is where there are breaks in the yellow line. I have done this because I actually walked underneath the railway, by virtue of rail bridges. I didn’t want to give people the idea that I’d trespassed on the railway as this is both dangerous to trespasser and train alike and carries a large fine. But this is for another blog. Key moment 4 was the return to MOT test station. The car passed and I drove home.

Now, how much more fascinating is this story than the usual boring drivel you get on facebook?

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4 Responses to Slough

  1. Nobby says:

    Facinating stuff Matty Boy but on to more important subjects …. what do you reckon about Engerland’s chances on Wednesday??

  2. matty says:

    I think it depends on whether Croations like Russians or not. I can’t remember.

  3. Nobby says:

    No one likes the Russians 🙂

  4. Nobby says:

    It was a total shock over here when Frank took the penalty because no one knew he was on the pitch. Who was trying to win tonight?????

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