Drowned Canoeist

There’s been a lot said about dead canoeist John Darwin in the press over the last couple of days. Briefly, he drowned in a canoe five years ago and then turned up at a London police station at the weekend. What the press haven’t asked, and I find this unforgiveable, is how, if he drowned five years ago, was he able to appear at the police station?

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4 Responses to Drowned Canoeist

  1. Mary says:

    I guess I better turn myself in in Cork Garda Station … Ive been missing since January 03.

  2. OCJo says:

    Oh that’s a relief, I wondered where you’d got to.

  3. Donncha says:

    There can only one of two conclusions:
    1. He used a time machine in a parallel universe to come into our universe in the present.
    2. He’s a clone. See current Dilbert cartoon.

    Of course, if we’re willing to suspend disbelief, he may not have drowned, he could have scampered off to South America, and his wife claimed the life insurance. I find that hard to believe though.

  4. matty says:

    Me too. If he’d been a Nazi I’d have understood but he wasn’t a Nazi, he was a Canoeist.

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