The One Basket Only Trick.

I hate nothing more than supermarkets. Except Waitrose and the Tesco in Douglas Village, Cork, where I wander round muttering to all and sundry how much better it is than it used to be.

What gets my goat as much as anything is the ingenious ways that some people manage to get around the “Basket Only” rule. Now,  my take on this rule is twofold.

1. It’s no point limiting people to a specific number of items because a lot of people can’t count anymore, so you’d have to make the number something that the average Saiunsbury in Taplow shopper could  cope with, like, for example, one.

1. The basket only rule, therefore, isn’t really there to speed your way through the tills. The baskets at Sainsbury are large enough to hold lots of items, so it can’t be that. No. It’s to encourage people to use baskets rather than use trolleys which, as we know, are always in the way. Always. The less trolleys in use in a shop, the quicker you can do your shopping. Fucking trolley pushing scum.

One way I’ve seen some people get round this rule is to seemly ignore it. This can be done without causing too much anger and distress to me if there’s a very small queue, but the other day I saw a woman showing blatant disregard to the law place herself in the queue with a small trolley containing a horde of small items. Some of the items were so small (and the trolley was packed) that they were actually squeezed through the holes in the trolley, which only slowed things further. I tried not to let it bother me, but it did until she fixed me with a “What are you looking at?” sort of stare, at which point I bottled it and left the queue pretending I’d forgotten something, which indeed I had as my basket was empty.

My favourite method so far is the classic putting a basket in the trolley and wheeling the basket around the supermarket option. This really is ingenious as it not only doesn’t break the rule, as such, and you’d lose an argument over it if you were mad enough to get involved (unless it was  a very old lady), but it also really winds me up. And that’s why they do it.

I think, rather than just having a rule, they should explain why the rule is there in the first place and then I could smirk at the cheats and point at the sign above the till. 


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2 Responses to The One Basket Only Trick.

  1. Mary says:

    Hmmh putting the basket in a trolley, great idea!!

  2. Outraged of Maidenhead says:

    Oh for God’s sake, welcome to the 21st century, you can have it delivered you know. They can deliver via your tradesman’s entrance which, having read some of your blog, I would imagine you would enjoy

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