Sainsburys sells Rooster potatoes, so I buy them for my wife. One of the reasons she hates me, though, is the fact that I buy too many potatoes. I’ll say that again. I buy too many potatoes. I bought a bag today as I’m cooking a celebratory Shepherds Pie, which I’m cooking tonight and we’ll share tomorrow, when she gets back from ORK. (It will be left in the garden and then reheated).

I’m not using today’s bag, though, as I found an unopened bag that was one day past its sell by date in the potato section, which is quite an important part of the house. I’d usually throw the old bag out in these circumstances, because we have massive arguments about this, but as she’s not here I decided to cave in quickly and use the old ones.


 They’ve got things coming out of them………………………..

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One Response to Potatoes

  1. Mary says:

    They look beautiful to me!

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