Food Blogs

I absolutely love all those lovely blogs that appear when I click on the In Food link on the main page. I love the splendid photography, the beautiful words and, above all, the humility of the posters. I wish I was as good. Here’s my new bread which I’m going to send to Esther Rantzid so that she, and millions of others, can laugh.


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5 Responses to Food Blogs

  1. Mary says:

    We’re all very impressed by your bread matt. Mel thought it looked as if it tasted nice. I put her right!

  2. Mary says:

    Actually they look as if they’re crawling stealthily across the breadboard.

  3. Pratt & Whitney Matt says:

    What on earth would something like that taste like I wonder?

  4. Outraged of Maidenhead says:

    Not only do you know NOTHING about fashion but your bread looks like a cowpat. May I suggest that you send your unfortunate wife to Maidenhead WI so she can learn to make bread properly.

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