And the first one is this one.

Nominated in the specialist section, this Charlotte potato is great in a salad. A potato salad. It needs a little steaming or boiling. It’s waxy. Which is different to Irish potatoes which are floury.

Old potato

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2 Responses to And the first one is this one.

  1. Potatohead says:

    And talking of the Irish potato – a few years ago I wa driving in Ireland when I saw a poster stating “Kings Queens are balls of flour”. Obviously I assumed that is was anti-brit – but later I had I translated for me.
    BTW Sad Tosser you are also 3rd on googling for Irish Earthquake Danger

  2. matty says:

    Potatohead. If you can find a photo of some Kings Queens I’m happy to enter them in the “Other” section. In fact, I think pre and post forking photos would provide a good idea as to whether the poster’s claims were credible.

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