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Shark Danger

After the tragic news of the shark attack in the sea off San Diego, I thought it would be an idea to put up a Public Information Post for the benefit of all. Deadly sharks come in two varieties. The … Continue reading

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Waitrose. Girl.

I was shopping in Waitrose on Saturday with my wife. As I prepared the selected goods for scanning, the check out girl smiled at me and said “Hello. How are you?” Now I’m no fool and I can see a come … Continue reading

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Flowers at Sainsburys

At Sainsburys today, while queuing at the basket only section, on impulse I picked up two small bunches of flowers to buy as a present for my wife. As I put them in my basket, the man behind said, quite loudly, “Fucking poof.” I … Continue reading

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Max Mosley

He’s Oswald Mosley’s son. Go on Max! Sue me as well!

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