Holiday in Cornwall.

We’ve just been for a holiday in Cornwall, which is in the South West of England. There are many things to do there, but the must do, must visit etc. thing, if you like garden centres, is the Eden Project.

Another fun thing to do is to note down the names of the caravans you drive past on the A30.

I was driving, so the delightful task belonged to my wife. Some of the names she noted are as follows :

Bailey Pagent Bordeaux

Abbey GTS

Carousel Clubman

Swift Challenger

Avondale Passione

Senator Indiana

and my particular favourite, the

Swift Utopia.

It really was a most magnificent caravan. Even as we overtook it there was a feeling of euphoria. It was clearly a caraven fit for a king. You can buy one here

Here is a video of a sign outside a pub.

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14 Responses to Holiday in Cornwall.

  1. Jo says:

    So now you should come back out here and spot the names of our exciting caravans, RV’s, fifth wheelers, coaches…..there are so many to chose from!! We may even take you away in our Fleetwood Jamboree!!!
    When are you coming over again? November’s nice.
    Jo xx

  2. matty says:

    Aaaah. The Fleetwood Jamboree. A motorhome in many ways ahead of it’s time. I want a RRRump Steak Meal.

  3. I didn’t know there was a Butlins in Cornwall, Iexpect that you slept in your car. You must be really stimulating company if your “wife” found writing down caravan names more interesting than talking with you. By the way, your obsession with “rumps” is becoming obvious now. Have you considered “coming out”?

  4. H Bouquet says:

    My friend Sylvia (O of M) suggested that I leave a “post” on your “blog” as you seem to be having issues with your sexual orientation. Well as a member of Maidenhead WI mothers support gay sons group I invite you to appear on our float next Gay Pride. Don’t be shy!!!! By the way Sylvia, great Salmon en croute recipe for our supper. Thanks

  5. Bunty, I’m so glad the recipe worked for you. When are you and Geoffrey coming over for one of my famous pot luck suppers? Remember to ask your lovely son and his adorable husband. You see, you horrid little blogger, we in the Maidenhead WI are very up to date. TTFN

  6. H Bouquet says:

    Sylvia, I’ve just been reading more of these ramblings. Do you know this person purports to live in Taplow!!!!!! I didn’t know there were any sink estates there. The barbarians are at the gate indeed!

  7. matty says:

    Listen, you two. Just leave it. Move on. Deal with it. Talk to the Hand. Whatever. You don’t even know me (my particular favourite at the moment).

  8. Bull says:

    No comment really. Just want to see if this works.


  9. Bull says:

    It doesnt.

    Oh Bollocks.

  10. Charlie Boorman says:

    I rode past the Rumpsteak Meal Pub on my quadbike the other day. I went in and bought a rumpsteak, but intead of eating it, I took it outside and threw it at my dogs. It was brilliant watching my alsations fight over a piece of rumpsteak. Almost as good as the last time I threw a poodle at them.

  11. matty says:

    Charlie. I’m looking forward to the coverage.

  12. Charlie Boorman says:

    I was out on my BMW GS1200 the other day, travelling around the world (as you do). I happened upon some Japanese men who were saying things like “arigato” and “tora tora”. Well I thought they should stop thinking about that, and start thinking about sushi. Many is the time I have stood there watching my alstatians tear a rabbit or a dear apart thinking: the world is a beatiful place, but there are not enough GS1220s in it. The point of this blog? Stop your alsations tearing bunnies apart and visit your BMW dealership. Deep huh!!

  13. Charlie Boorman says:


  14. Charlie Boorman says:

    oo me fucking heed ya cunt

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