The BMW X5

I’ve noticed quite a lot of BMW X5‘s have number plates beginning with X5. (A few begin with other combinations of alphanumeric characters, but that’s for another blog)

What an extraordinary coincidence that so many owners would have the same brilliant idea that having a number plate that matches your car is in no way similar to the morons who have stickers in their windscreens revealing their car’s make and model and really doesn’t make you look like a pretentious twat!

I have a number plate that matches my car. It’s X5 BMW. My car’s a Hampton Cordoza.

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One Response to The BMW X5

  1. Charlie Boorman says:

    I’ve got an X5 And a 1200GS Due to a mix up at the post office my X5 is registered GS120CBM and my GS X5CBM. Moral of the story? Never send a wife to do the job of an annoying globe trotting mate of a hollywood filmstar.

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