The Royal Family

his royal highness the prince of charles

his royal highness the prince of charles

The Royal Family are often accused of being too aloof, of not being close enough to their public, of being up their own arses, so it was a pleasant surprise indeed when I saw a Princess Onboard sign in the back of an aging Peugeot 306 waiting at the traffic lights near Taplow police station. I tried to identify them, but found it difficult through their tinted windows, so I couldn’t say which of the Windsors they were, but nevertheless, this was proof indeed that the Royals really do have the common touch.

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One Response to The Royal Family

  1. Pierce Perenium says:

    Well thing is they give those stickers out at petrol stations dont they. And they dont just give them out to members of the royal family in their Rolls Royces. They give them out to anyone including French people in foreign cars. I hate the French. And people from Finland after my Nokia went wrong.

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