I’m not sure whether to post this here or on my sister’s site. I’ll go for here.

Clicking on the following links got me to the Cafe Bar menu on the National Express East Coast Web Site. It’s always interesting to know what goodies you’ll get if you travel by train or what goodies other people are eating on trains.

Here are the links (I had to click on all of them, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t.)

Of particular interest is the following:


You what?

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One Response to Passion.

  1. When I travel by train and the bloke goes by with the trolley, I go for the virgin cola and virgin caviar canapes. Then a nice big lobster, or if they havent got that, a roast chicken. Mmmm yum yum. You can get donners on some trains – In Greece I rekon. Cheers. Rich.

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