Today my wife bought a coal helmet from B&Q. They also sell B&Q Christmas Trees there as well. I had no choice but to pretend to be a German.


BTW. It’s a skin complaint, alright?

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3 Responses to Helmet.

  1. Jacinta says:

    Matt-you are COMPLETELY insane!

  2. Bully says:

    Great helmet. I wish I’d been there to test it out with a great big gold club. Or you cold have stood holding it so it didnt fall off while I fired by crossbow at it. Brilliant! I rekon it might stand up to a flamethrower as well, but you’d have to check that its got a BSI kite mark before you did anything risky like that.

  3. Bully says:

    I bet it makes one hell of a noise when Mary hits it with her rolling pin.

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